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Guangdong Mingji Aquatic Product Group Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2006,which commits itself to aquacultrue,seafood processing and exporting.It is located in Xinxing County,Yunfu City,Guangdong, China,the transportation here is convenient.The company is a professional factory that work on fish farming, Aquatic products processing ,trade selling, cold storage,And supply and distribution service, the company has floor area is 500 million ㎡,workshop and office area is over 10 thousand ㎡, the quantity of all professional technician and production staff is 650,has tens of thousands of acres farms and large-scale workshop.Besides, we are equipped with internationally advanced production technology and equipment.

Channel catfish
Skin on Seabass fillet
Sliced snakehead fillet
Sliced snakehead fillet
(with pickled vegetable)

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Guangdong Mingji Aquatic Products Group Co., Ltd Address: No. 28 Zhanqian Road, Xincheng Town, Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province Tel: 0766 2712226 400 830 1062 Fax: 0766-2713000 E-Mail: